Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution and Infrastructure Deployment

Technology infrastructure exists to meet the business needs of the organization. It supports the enterprise architecture, facilitates communications and/or exchange of information, facilitates the attainment of business objectives, and organizes the knowledge capital of the enterprise.

The technology infrastructure is where it all comes together. No single element or part of an Information Technology (IT) organization can be considered the infrastructure. All elements must be considered for a project to be successful.

Composition of the technology infrastructure includes:

Ø  People. The combined efforts of the staff chartered with procuring, installing, maintaining, using, and retiring the technology.
Ø  Processes. IT strategic planning, acquisition, deployment and implementation, steady-state management, and post-use retirement
Ø  Technology. Elements required to provide and sustain reliable access to data and services

Having considered the above elements, our team develops a process to approach infrastructure deployment projects. Our approach helps ensure that infrastructure implementations are consistent with your business objectives, and can be effectively utilized as soon as the technology has been deployed.

We have a track record in Data center Design, Installation, configuration and maintenance; Installation, support and services of Storage and Backup Solution systems, Servers (HP Blades, ProLiant’s and Dell PowerEdge’s), End User Computing, Virtualization and Cloud Solution. We plan, build and Support IT infrastructure solutions, tailored to meet client’s needs; we manage multi-vendor environments